Fall Fete

October has been full of gatherings and celebrations…..

Already this month our  home  has been pleased to host book club, a mom’s coffee, and  a soirée for a dear friend who was recently  remarried.   The silver candlesticks, vases, bowls, and serving pieces were thrilled to come out of the closet  for this event……and .I was thrilled to have  a friend (who loves cooking and all things tabletop as much as I do!)  come help me prepare and cook  for the party.   We rolled up our sleeves, arranged flowers, prepared the meal and polished away….while singing “Rolling in the Deep” with Adele. (more than once, i must admit).  The flowers seemed to dance down the counter and the silver glowed in its  beautiful patina.




Furniture was shuffled around so that the living room held two long tables for eighteen.


The tables were set to compliment each other — One table set with brown toile plates mixed  with green depression glass, white and chartreuse roses with green hydrangeas.   The other showcased brown seashell plates with accents of pink depression glass, coral roses, and seashells scattered about.IMG_2170IMG_2168

As guests entered the foyer, cocktails were served…..IMG_2153

…..and after dinner of beef bourguignon  and provencal swordfish, we all retired to the former dining room — now resplendent as a salon.IMG_2151

As the last guests left at !:00, I noticed that  once again Adele happened to be crooning  in the background….this time it was “Save the Best for Last”……. a perfect tribute to all my dear friends.

This past weekend, more shuffling occurred.

When we bought our house, the former owner told us this house always hosts the annual Fall Chili Party (Hillside Cottage is quite a social house, I’m finding…) With renovations finished (for now), homecoming weekend approaching, and a clear view of the football field from our deck, a cry from our friends was raised to continue the tradition.

So, again furniture was rearranged — front porch furniture brought to the back deck, paisley shawls draped over chairs,  oriental rugs set out, orange and rust velvet pillows borrowed from the library,  cream, paprika, and pumpkin colored mums  in abundance.   The deck was transformed into a a fall wonderland.  As word got out, more families came to join……..

The rain held off until half time.

As the drops grew larger, barely a word was spoken as everyone grabbed something and carried it inside where  the party continued in full swing …….. cheered on by the fact the Broncos won the football game!

Next morning, as I woke with the sun on my face, I realized I hadn’t  taken any pictures of the deck transformation.  Heading downstairs, I observed all that was left from the magical setting were the centerpieces…..IMG_2328

……and something even better  –  the gorgeous backdrop of fall foliage.    Mother Nature had trumped all!

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