Piece of Cake

IMG_2445In the midst of all the fall gatherings we’ve been having, my husband announced that he would like to celebrate his birthday this year with a small dinner party at home.   After dinners for 18 and 28  this month, his request for dinner for eight would be, I thought, “a piece of cake”.


So close to Halloween, ghosts and pirates couldn’t be ignored.  Even his request for devils food cake fit the theme…..

Although the silver was polished and the crystal pulled out from other parties, the linens needed attending, the menu planned, trips to the grocery made.  And as my youngest inquired, yet again, as to when we were going to put up the Halloween decorations and carve pumpkins, I realized that perhaps this might not be as easy to pull off as I imagined.


So I gave the boys the task of decorating for Halloween. They set the ambience with alligator heads, bottles of “poison”, and bowls of eyeballs.  Bats greeted the guests at the door.


  And I decided a few wrinkles would give the table character and spent time having fun helping them instead.

Dinner was a delight and now all is set….

…….for trick or treaters arriving tonight…..

Happy Halloween!!!


**(you can see this 1,216 lb. pumpkin in person at Stew Leonard’s)

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