American Beauty

ImageWe usually spend July 4th with our friends at their beach house soaking up the sun, sand, and ocean breezes.   There’s flag cake, hamburgers, and homemade potato salad…….it’s always as American as apple pie.  In my family though, it was all about cherry pie.  When my father came home from work, he never asked, “what’s for dinner?”  He’d ask, “Is there cherry pie for dessert?”

This year, we’re shaking up tradition.  Our friends are coming here to celebrate Independence Day.  It’s a good excuse for me to get our front porch in shape and pull out the red/white/blue vintage bunting I bought ages ago…..IMG_1658IMG_1653

There will still be flag cake and fireworks but this year, as we celebrate family and traditions,  I think we’ll add cherry pie to the menu…..

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