Pretty in Pink

Pooped out from lacrosse jamborees, baseball double headers, and multiple practices, my boys relaxed last night by watching (for the tenth time?) the movie,  “Happy Gilmore”.   I walked them to school this morning with the theme song, “Whoa Ho Ho It’s Magic” resonating through my head.  As I started back up the walk to the house, flashes of color caught my eye — overnight peonies, primroses, and fairy roses had sprung into bloom.

All Spring I’ve been amazed at the sudden appearance of foliage and even more enchanted with the delicious riot of color this new home has painted for us….delicate cherry blossoms, magnificent pink dogwood, blushing apple blossoms, fragrant lilacs, cheery azaleas…..a canvas of color in shades of pink.

  But peonies!  Oh!! …..Known as the flower of prosperity and honor, legend says the lush full blooms hide nymphs between their petals.


Perhaps that’s why they always make me smile.  Peonies have a very short blooming period so I eagerly anticipate entertaining with them. Considered an omen of good fortune, I love sharing the enchantment of this delicate flower by pairing it with my pink and crimson dishes for a tea or luncheon. Flower swag dessert plates, shell pink scalloped edge bowls, cranberry glasses, blossom pink linens all come out to play. IMG_0237


As I sit here writing, the smell of peonies and roses from my garden is heady and their fleeting beauty reminds me to celebrate the moment.


I think back to the huge flowerbeds of peonies that both my mother and grandmother had and how I loved going into their gardens and cutting flowers for the table.  Perhaps this is what I want to share with others through my love of entertaining….the beauty of nature, the power of color, the love of our families….. It’s magic you know, never believe it’s not so.

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