Belle du jour

  DSC07561Heading out to my son’s baseball game, I threw on my Chuck Taylors again — they have become my standby this spring as both my sons become evermore involved in sports.

My Manolos, Loubitons, and Jimmy Choos  will barely speak to me.  Even my flats are disgruntled.  “If you’re going to be frumpy,” they huff, “we’re going on strike…you’re ruining our social life!”

These thoughts raced through my head as I got dressed to head into the city.  There was a torrential downpour and that didn’t make my shoes any happier……..a chance for a night out and I had to resort to Wellies!!!   I was off to a talk at the Fashion Institute of Technology given by Ines de la Fressange , the creative director of Roger Vivier -the french shoemaker known for their signature pilgrim buckle.  Around since the 1930’s, Roger himself designed shoes for royalty, but it was the movie “Belle du Jour” (French for “beauty of the day”), starring Catherine Deneuve, that put the buckle on the fashion radar.

DSC07566       81jNkAbkjoL._SL1500_

Ines, a former French Marianne, lived up to her title – gorgeous and witty she was the epitome of chic as she bantered with  RV shoe designer Bruno Frisoni about their new book, “Roger Vivier” (Rizzoli 2013).  Full of pictures and sketches, the book is gorgeous, but it was Ines who stole the show –  “Too many shoes?!   You can never have enough!” she declared.  (music to my ears!) “Although”, I thought, “hers must not be ornery and cantankerous”.  The evening was a pure delight.  Images and insights from the book had all the fashion mavens in the room salivating.  The video on the RV website exemplifies the playful energy of this design duo. ( see below ) DSC07564

 I floated home and pulled out my crimson shoe box with the cursive RV.  Inside lay my favorite pair of  “Belle du Jours”….leopard, with a leopard buckle.  I put them on and the creative energy of the evening resonated through me.  How magnificent, I wondered, is  Ines’ shoe collection?  DSC07575

There will be many more sporting events in my future, but knowing that I can slip into that magical feeling,  if even for a moment, makes it all worthwhile.

To experience the wit and beauty of  Roger Vivier shoes, check out the video at   Click on collections Spring Summer film .( I especially like “10 good shoes/10 good bags”)

Picture of “Belle du Jour” Movie from Amazon.

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