The First Sign of Spring


Not too long after Punxsutawney Phil checks out his shadow, large buckets of daffodils start to appear outside the florists and bodegas around the city.  They are a tease for the warm weather to come, for even now in April the warmth evades us.

I have been craving bringing that sunny yellow color into the house, but moving boxes are still stacked in the dining room  and my favorite brown transfer ware cache pot seems to have gone into hibernation.   I unpack boxes marked “flower pots” and “small things” but still no sign.  I’m delighted to find my brown toile plates and brown transferware bowls…..


Finally, in a box marked “plates/Christmas stuff” he appears.  He seems to yawn and stretch, awakening from the deep sleep of boxes.


Oh sunny day!!!!…just in time for the warm weather that appeared this week.  Now, if I can just  find where the vase for forsythia is hiding…….DSC07501

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