Prom Queen


 Stately, majestic, she sat there, a grand dowager watching over the proceedings.  One by one her old friends were snapped up and carted off to other homes.  At least, she thought wistfully, they won’t end up on the auction block sold to someone who knows nothing of their past.

My husband and I perused the sale, memories flooding over me.  How many hours had I spent in this house….first having tea parties then giggling about boys with my best friend.  Many pieces called out to me – the trunk full of doll clothes, the blue pendant light left on when we came home late.

I turned and there she sat.  Although threadbare and out of date, her outfit was an elegant homage to the mistress of the house, her bone structure strong and proud.  Here was the backdrop of so many events of my life… from whispered secrets to shared birthday celebrations.  Photos of all my prom dates were captured in her heart back curves.


It’s been awhile since we saved the dowager from a life of obscurity.  For several years she languished in my parents garage until a place of honor has finally opened up for her in our new home.


Outfitted in damask, bejeweled with lights, and crowned with a mirror, her legacy continues as enchanted as a prom queen…

…..ready to be a backdrop for my sons’ lives.

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